How to get stone in Rust

Updated on January 20th, 2018 at 08:37 pm

If you’re wondering how to get stone in Rust, you’re not alone. Stone is a resource that you’re going to be using a lot of in Rust, so you need to know how to get it. The good news is that it’s not hard to find. That bad news is that along with just about every other activity in Rust, getting it attracts people who want to kill you. That’s a story for another day though – first lets get you on your way to finding that precious stone.

Method 1: Pick up loose stone on the ground (quickest)

how to get stone in rust

What a stone on the ground looks like if you have a crappy computer

The absolute quickest, easiest way to get stone is by picking up loose stone on the ground. You can pick it up by simply running up to one and hitting your “interact” key (e by default). Granted, you only get 50 stone each time, but it can add up if you are out running around for a bit.

The problem with gathering stone this way is that it can be a bit difficult to spot. But you can definitely do it. Just keep an eye out for rocks of the same color and size as the one pictured above. And if you aren’t quite sure, just run up and try to pick it up. It takes 2 seconds and you have a good chance of walking away with 50 stone.

Method 2: Hit stone nodes

how to get stone in rust

The old-fashioned way of getting stone

Your bread and butter method for getting stone is going to be searching for stone “nodes” of the size and color pictured above and then hitting them with an object. When you’re starting out they can be pretty tough to tell from regular boulders. But as you play the game you’ll begin to learn to tell the difference.

Tip for spotting them – They are quite a bit lighter than normal boulders. So keep an eye out for bright, almost whitish rocks when you are out and about.

As for actually harvesting the stone, it’s pretty easy. You hit the shiny dot on the node (it quickens up the mining process). With what, you ask? Well you can use anything from the rock you start out with to stone pickaxes to metal hammers. All of those will get the job done. The main difference is in how fast and how efficient the tools are. For instance, the stone pickaxe gets roughly 200 stone less from each node than the metal pickaxe. That said, the stone pickaxe is actually a bit faster at harvesting nodes so there is a bit of a trade off.

Method 3: Use a mining quarry to extract stone

If you are reading this article, you are quite a ways from being able to use a mining quarry to extract stone. So I won’t go super in detail here. But the basics of it are you use something called a mining quarry to mine resources for you. You can’t craft them so you’ll have to find one first (near “Tier 2” Monuments). Once you find one, load it up with low grade fuel and turn her on. Log off Rust for a few hours and when you come back, you’ll have a nice pile of resources in the hopper attached to the mining quarry. That is, if someone hasn’t taken over while you were gone.

Method 4: Kill people and take their stone

This is for the cold blooded killers out there. If mining stone or picking it up doesn’t get your blood pumping, you can always take it from fellow Rust players’ bodies. To be fair it does require you to kill someone, which at this stage of your Rust game may be asking too much (as you most likely just have a stone and a torch). But, here and again you may be able to jump an unsuspecting player as they innocently harvest resources. Looting sleeping bodies on the beach works as well. Your call.


Hopefully this was a decent answer to your question of how to get stone in Rust and with a few hours work, your chest will look like this:

how to get stone in rust

Stone on stone on stone

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