How to get scrap in Rust

Scrap is everything in Rust. Without it, you’re stuck with a wooden spear for a weapon. With it, you can rule a server with an arsenal of modern guns and explosives.

Suffice to say, you need to know how to get it, and get it quick. And that’s just what this guide is for.


Method 1: Breaking Barrels

how to get scrap in rust

Hello, barrel

The poor man’s way of acquiring scrap is to run around breaking barrels, specifically blue and tan barrels (the red ones don’t give scrap). You can find barrels all over the map, but roads and monuments in particular are good places to find them.

To break them, just hit them with an item. Your handy rock will do the trick, but a weapon will break them much faster. A couple seconds later, you’ve got a bit of scrap. Rinse and repeat.

Pro tip – If you’re a solo player, a great way to do farm scrap from barrels is to get a rowboat and visit the little trash islands in the ocean. You can pick up a lot of scrap in short order doing this.

Method 2: Recycling Stuff

how to get scrap in rust

The recycler at the lighthouse monument

A great way to get a lot of scrap quickly is to recycle stuff. By stuff I mean items that you pick up from breaking barrels and opening crates.

Here’s a list of items you can recycle for scrap (with the amount of scrap given to the right): Empty Propane Tank (1), Metal Blade (2), Road Signs (5), Metal Pipe (5), Sheet Metal (8), Metal Spring (10), Gears (10), Semi Automatic Body (15), SMG Body (15), Electric Fuse (20), Tech Trash (20), Rifle Body (25)

There are a couple downsides to recycling items for scrap. One, you have to find a recycler. You can’t craft them so you’ll have to find one at something called a “Monument”. This is a list of all the Monuments that are currently in the game. Not all Monuments have a recycler though so you’ll have to search around a bit.

Two, using the recycler attracts hostile enemies thanks to the noise it makes when you turn it on. Not to mention the fact that Monuments are just dangerous areas in general.

All that together means you should probably avoid using the recycler until you have a decent handle on the game and can defend yourself. Few things are worse than hauling all your loot to the recycler, only to have it stolen by another player.

Method 3: Trading with Other Players

how to get scrap in rust

Trading for scrap

If you fancy yourself a modern day Sam Walton, you can trade your way to scrap riches by selling items to shops on the map.

To find a shop, just open up your map (“G”) and look for an icon with a green shopping cart inside. That means the shop has stock available. Then, trek to the shop and hope they are paying scrap for an item you have. If they are, and you think it’s a good deal, make the trade. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Method 4: Killing People and Stealing Their Scrap

how to get scrap in rust

Cold blooded theft

This wouldn’t be Rust if you couldn’t kill another player and steal all of his or her’s hard work. So if you’re needing scrap and feeling salty, don’t be afraid to give this method a try.