How to get metal fragments in Rust

Updated on January 20th, 2018 at 08:35 pm

Metal fragments play a huge role in Rust, so it’s important to know how to get them. One thing that can be frustrating about metal fragments is that to get them in any sort of decent quantity, you have to do a few other things first. But if you follow this guide, you should be swimming in metal fragments within the hour.

Method 1: Smelt empty cans in a camp fire (quickest)

how to get metal fragments in rust

Smelting an empty can of beans

This is the poor man’s way of getting metal fragments. It’s good for getting started, but you won’t get rich doing it.

To do it, simply put either an empty can of beans or an empty tuna can into a camp fire, along with wood. Wait a few minutes and voilà, you’ve got 15 metal fragments.

Method 2: Smelt metal ore in a furnace (most reliable)

how to get metal fragments in rust

A furnace hard at work

This is the big boy way of smelting. As mentioned earlier though, you can’t just start smelting right away. You have to build a furnace first.

Before you build a furnace, you really need to have a small 2×1 shelter already built. That way you can protect both yourself and your loot. For now though, we’ll assume you already have that built.

The ingredients to make a furnace are 200 stone, 200 wood, and 50 low grade fuel. Most likely, the stone and wood are not going to be your problem. The 50 low grade fuel however, may be an issue.

To make 50 low grade fuel, you’re going to need a large quantity of animal fat. 39 to be exact. You’ll also need 13 cloth, but that shouldn’t be a problem. If you are struggling with finding cloth, read our guide on how to get cloth in Rust then come back and finish this guide.

There is only way way to get animal fat – kill something. That can be other players or better yet, animals. To hunt animals you’ll need a weapon, preferably a bow so you are out of range of their attacks. Crafting a bow takes 200 wood and 50 cloth, plus 25 wood and 10 stone per arrow. You’ll probably want at least 10 arrows so it’s not going to be cheap.

Once you have a bow, you’ll want to start looking for animals to kill. There isn’t really a rhyme or reason to it, so you just need to wander around a bit. Once you find one, try to sneak up as close as possible and then kill it. Once you kill it, hit it with an object like a rock or hatchet to harvest it’s resources.

how to get metal fragments in rust

Harvesting a boar

Depending on the animal you killed, you may have to continue hunting to get the 39 animal fat. To help you out, here’s a list of how much animal fat you get from each animal (if you use a bone knife or hatchet): Bear (100), Boar (39-41), Deer (10), Horse (10), Wolf (10). If given the choice, the boar is the best animal to hunt due to it being full of resources and relatively harmless.

Once you finally have that golden amount of 39 animal fat and 13 cloth, it’s time to craft a furnace. Go to your base, open up the crafting screen (q by default), search “furnace”, and hit craft. 60 seconds later you have your first furnace!

Now, you have to smelt something. If you want metal fragments, that means you are going to need metal ore. To get metal ore, you need to find nodes that look like this:

how to get metal fragments in rust

What metal ore looks like

Once you find one, harvest it by hitting it with a tool, whether that be your rock or a pickaxe. Then hurry that precious stuff back to your base, throw it in the furnace along with wood, and boom, you’re smelting.

Mining tip – When hitting nodes, always aim for the glowing dot. Hitting the dot speeds up mining so you can get back to a defensive state quicker. Also, if you are mining at night, you’ll need a flashlight to see the dot.

how to get metal fragments in rust

The fruits of your labor

Method 3: Recycle items

how to get metal fragments in rust

The recycler at the lighthouse monument

Wondering what you do with all that random junk you get from smashing barrels? Well one use is to recycle them to get resources like metal fragments. Not all items recycle into metal fragments though so here is a list, ordered by the number metal fragments you get: Sheet Metal (100), Sheet Metal Door (75), Semi Automatic Body (75), Code Lock (50), Targeting Computer (50), Auto Turret (50), Empty Propane Tank (50), Snap Trap (25), Landmine (25), Metal Blade (15), Gear (13), Survey Charge (5).

There are two important things to note about this method of getting metal fragments. One, you have to find a recycler. You can’t craft them so you’ll have to find one at something called a “Monument”. This is a list of all the Monuments that are currently in the game. Not all Monuments have a recycler though so you’ll have to search around a bit.

Two, using the recycler attracts hostile enemies thanks to the noise it makes when you turn it on. Not to mention the fact that Monuments are just dangerous areas in general.

All that together means you should probably avoid using the recycler until you have a decent handle on the game and can defend yourself. Few things are worse than hauling all your loot to the recycler, only to have it stolen by another player.

Method 4: Use a mining quarry to extract metal fragments

If you’re reading this guide, you are most likely a long ways from being able to use a mining quarry to get metal fragments. But in the interest of completeness, I’ll give you a short summary of how to do it.

Mining quarries are essentially big machines in Rust that gather resources from the ground for you. They are no longer craftable, so you have to use the ones already placed on the map (near “Tier 2” Monuments). The resources that you can mine change depending on what biome the mining quarry is in. To mine metal fragments, the quarry needs to be in the “temperate biome” (grassy). One thing that stays the same though is stone – every mining quarry mines stone along with the other resource.

Once you find a mining quarry, load the mining quarry up with fuel, log off for a bit, and when you come back you’ll have lots of resources in the rusty hopper next the to the machine. That is, if someone hasn’t taken over while you were gone.

Method 5: Kill people and take their metal fragments

The quickest, yet also probably the hardest way to get metal fragments is to take them off another Rust player’s dead body (or if you are lucky, sleeping body). If you are just starting out, this is going to be a tall task. But it’s definitely possible if you can get the jump on someone.

One good way to increase your chances of scoring an easy kill is to listen for people harvesting resources and then creep up and attack (hold control to crouch/sneak). You are typically at your most vulnerable in Rust while getting resources so you might as well take advantage of it when you can.

One significant downside to this approach (other than it being highly risky) is that the average Rust player is not going to be walking around with metal fragments on them, unlike a basic resource like stone or cloth. Most players keep their supply protected at their base. Who knows though, you may get lucky.

Bonus: How to make high quality metal in Rust

Another common question new Rust players have is how to make high quality metal. Spoiler alert – it’s exactly the same as how you make metal fragments in Rust. Just toss some high quality metal ore in a furnace, add wood, and call it a day. A seconds later, you’ve got some of that much coveted high quality metal.


And that is our end all be all guide on how to get metal fragments in Rust. Liked the guide? Let us know in the comments. Have an idea for improvement? Comments work for that as well.

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As always, Rust still being a game in development means things change all the time. If anything stated is incorrect, please let us know in the comments so we can get it fixed.